Gawari Fadina -The Incest continues….


Gawari Fadina was restless hoping for just another touch, one more hug from her brother. She loathed herself when she pictured her brother’s hands squeezing and tugging at her nipples, suckling on them like a hungry baby but strangely the thoughts gave her an unknown unacquainted absolute pleasure. She stole her mother’s bra and found comfort in the embrace of the piece of cloth that hugged onto her boobs and stiffled her breath.

No other girl in Gawari’s school had yet started wearing a bra at least none that she knew of. So next morning she wore the stolen bra underneath her white almost transparent school shirt and folded her skirt a notch high up displaying her light-brown legs. Gawari’s Ma called out “Finish your breakfast dear I don’t want you skinny and all bones”
But the moment Gawari sat down to have her breakfast conscious of the stolen bra and the spongy mounds it carried, Fakshmi’s gaze tore through her daughter’s shirt. Fakshmi dropped the plate of idly she was carrying and gasped in horror
“Come with me” she pulled Gawari away to her room and locked it from inside
“Remove your shirt” .
“But Amma why?”
“Because I ask you to do so, now remove it” howled Fakshmi
With a sense of guilt and shame Gawari removed her shirt. Fakshmi let out a gasp of horror. Fakshmi realised that the bra barely covered Gawari’s nipples and Gawari’s boobs were bobbling out of it. In a moment horror subsided and Fakshmi had a sense of pride, immense pride after all it was she who had created Gawari. Fakshmi wanted to soak herself into Gawari’s tender youth.
“Now remove that filthy bra that you stole”
Gawari didnt want her Ma’s word to be heard across the rooms and she struggled with unhooking the bra under her Ma’s unwavering glowing gaze.
Fakshmi’s joy knew no bounds at the sight of Gawari’s golf-ball sized nipples. She thanked the heavens inside her head but hid her happiness from Gawari.

“Hmm its time you should get your own sets. Now dress up and wear your camisoles asusual under your shirt; Wait wear two of those. I dont want those huge melons swaying around dear” Fakshmi growled chocking on her happiness and pride

All through her classes Gawari’s anticipation of the gift of reaching age that she was about to receive from her Ma unlocked vivid imaginations centred around her own ripe body particularly her bosom. Her eyes were grey, bright shade of grey, all through the day.


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