Gawari Fadina- The First Encounter


Gawari Fadina was nineteen and out of school for two years now. Gawari didn’t go to college she spent her day at home applying turmeric packs, rose packs on her entire body and turmeric facepack and mud facepack on her face. She wanted to get far away from Fakshmi’s watchful eyes, as far as possible. But Fakshmi had other plans for Gawari. Fakshmi had known since Gawari was born that there is no other girl across 500 miles as fair as Gawari. Fakshmi knew that she could get out of her poverty by marrying Gawari to a rich guy. Fakshmi knew that she will not have to pay dowry for Gawari. Fakshmi knew she probably could even pass on Gawari’s marriage expenses to the groom. And for all that Fakshmi had to make sure that Gawari didn’t end up like her. Fakshmi also continued training Gawari in arts of attractions in her subtle way.
Fakshmi would growl “Walk straight Gawari! Dont slouch, arch your back; A bit more. Yes now that’s perfect” and Gawari slowly learnt how to walk after her breasts.

Fakshmi had waited for two years for the local politician to come to her with marriage proposal for Gawari. Fakshmi had waited for two years for the rich money-lenders, landlords in her village to come to her with marriage proposal for Gawari. Fakshmi had waited for three years since her son went to college for her son’s friends to come to her with marriage proposal for Gawari. Fakshmi had waited for 5 years for her elder daughter’s husband’s friends to come to her with marriage proposal for Gawari. “Something is wrong they are too intimidated perhaps, who wouldn’t be” thought Fakshmi “I should do something”.

Gawari’s friend from school who was studying in a college now came to invite Gawari to her marriage. Gawari had tears of anger in her eyes, she smiled at her friend and congratulated her “I am so happy for you” Gawari rolled her eyes “this are tears of joy ”

“Amma,  Amma” howled Gawari the moment her friend was gone “I am going to college. You can’t lock me here an more”  Gawari cried and cried for the following ten days. Gawari stopped eating and drinking for the following ten days.
“I’ll starve myself to death if you don’t send me to college” barked Gawari. On twelfth day Fakshmi and her husband dropped Gawari to a college hostel in next town.
“Promise me Gawari you will not bring shame to our family. Promise me you’ll not fall in love with any boy here. You look like a queen my dear, you should be married to a king” cried Fakshmi
“I promise Amma I’ll not do anything like that.” assured Gawari

It was Gawari’s first day in college. Gawari wore her red silk saree “I wonder how many men today will go crazy to touch my exposed belly” chuckled Gawari.
Gawari came back from college and cried her heart out. No one stopped her in her tracks, no one complemented her on her fairness, no one tried to pull her saree. Gawari was ignored by all the guys in her college, did her Ma scare them all before leaving the place wondered Gawari.

After a month of being ignored by all Gawari could take it no longer. Gawari wore a tight lemon yellow top with a black long skirt, she conveniently forgot to wear her bra that day. Gawari was happy with the way her nipples tore through her top. There was a sudden jump in her stride as she reached the college corridors. Her breasts were uncontrollable, they swayed in every direction like two giant pendulums . Her nipples made track marks across her lemon-yellow top. At that very moment he saw her, he wanted to bite through Gawari’s top to her nipples, he wanted to tug on to those pendulums and sway with them, he wanted to pull her skirt up and slide his fingers to something fleshy and soft inside her panties. He was Naga the vegetable vendor’s son.


Gawari Fadina -For the love of women IIGawari Fadina -For the love of women,Gawari Fadina- The First Encounter Continues….Gawari Fadina- It was all Grey!


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