Gawari Fadina- The First Encounter Continues….


Naga followed Gawari’s breasts to class room no 3.14 and sat next to her right boob. For the first time since Gawari started attending lectures a guy sat next to her, just to sit next to her. On Gawari’s left was Padma, the Beauty. Almost every male in the campus be it students,  lecturers, canteen staff, house keeping staff , the stray staff, all were in love with Padma but restricted her to their wet dreams. They concentrated their efforts on someone with less conflict of interest and someone with high ROI. And slowly the list of unknown contacts on Padma’s mobile had diminished to one fourth of its original.

Naga pretended to flip pages to get to the right page and with his left elbow nudged Gawari’s right side-boob. Gawari felt a slight pleasing pain shoot up to her nipples from where Naga’s elbows touched her side-boob. The benches in the class were wide enough for four people to sit but that day to Gawari the bench seemed too crowded. Specifically the distance between her and Padma was too much for Gawari’s comfort.

“Uff..pskkk..umm….uff”  heavy sighs of discomfort and with lips twisted to left Gawari diplayed her displeasure on her proximity to Padma on the left and made a sudden move to her right. With that move Gawari’s side boob gobled Naga’s elbow and both of them moaned in unision. As the lecture continued Naga started digging circles of increasing radius with his left elbow on Gawari’s right boob. And with the diameter of those circles increased the height of tent that was taking shape in Naga’s trousers. Gawari was in immense pain and immense pleasure at the same time. The moment the tent in Naga’s trousers reached its maximum height, it lifted the flimsy table up from ground on its right.Naga’s, Gawari’s, Padma’s notebooks, books, pen, handkerchiefs, Padma’s clutcher everything slid to left of the table to ground with a loud clatter and a series of thuds.

“Aiyoo” exclaimed Gawari oogling at the tent on her right and Padma staring at the fallen things on her left..

Gawari’s right hand instictively reached out for the tent but stopped enroute with a fast gradual sense of reality dawning back to her. Gawari instead with a quick move grabbed her Telegu notebook and passed it on to Naga. Naga shielded the steel tent in his trousers with Gawari’s Telegu notebook.
“Thanks” said Naga keeping his gaze down at Gawari’s right boob.
After gathering herself Gawari sat cross-legged, eyes-rolled back,  her left hand stealthily engrossed somewhere deep in between her legs,  for the rest of the lecture. Gawari  Fadina got her Telegu notebook back the next day and it was mysteriously sealed across its breadth on one side with something invisible, something very strong.

Back in her hostel room that night when it was dark and her two room-mates were  deep in sleep Gawari Fadina took her water bottle, held it against her left boob and made circles of increasing radius with it. She had done justice to her body now, though it was not as pleasing as it was in the morning. That bottle gave her other thoughts but she restrained herself, after all you don’t waste your first time on plastic.

In two days auspicious Pushkaras were to begin. Gawari Fadina knew she’ll wait for two more days to get what she wanted on the third day, on an auspicious day.




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