Gawari Fadina- It was all Grey!


For two days Gawari ignored Naga not that she craved attention, not that she had changed her mind, not to arouse him with her rejection, just that Gawari knew she would melt if he even brushed against her skirt. So the day after her first encounter with Naga, Gawari didn’t attend her classes. The day after the day after her first encounter with Naga, Gawari wrote a note on a piece of paper “Meet me tomorrow at Shiva temple at 6:30 a.m, we’ll begin it with a Puja and a small sacrifice”.  When Naga tried to sit next to her in class Gawari got up and moved to another bench but not before slipping that note to Naga.

On the auspicious designated day of Pushkaras, Gawari got up early or rather she didn’t sleep the night before. Gawari applied Kohl in her eyes, red lipstick on her lips, turmeric on her feet, jasmine flowers in her braid, red dot with  small ash lines on forehead and wrapped herself in a green silk saree.

Sharp at 5:45 she reached the Arch of Shiva temple but didn’t venture in further. At 6:00 Naga reached temple and to his delight saw Gawari waiting for him with her saree squeezed between her boobs. Naga’s prayers had already been answered , he didnt want to waste any more time.
“I know a place we can go to, its my uncle’s and he is out of town for six months” Naga’s eyes sparked as his  gaze fixed itself on Gawari’s stuffed up blouse.
Gawari rolled her eyes “I am fine with wherever you think its safe”

In 30 mins Gawari and Naga were in Naga’s uncle’s place; Naga’s hands were desperately lifting up Gawari’s saree, soon his fingers were rolling deep inside her panties.  Naga then pulled down Gawari’s panties, untied her petticoat and started devouring Gawari’s nipples which were still hidden inside her blouse. Not to be left behind Gawari started unbuttoning Naga’s trousers and soon her hands were squeezing his balls, shaking his penis up and down, up and down, up and down. Gawari bent down in her panties and blouse and started sucking on Naga’s steel. Naga moaned while ripping off Gawari’s blouse. Naga didn’t waste time in unhooking Gawari’s bra with all force he could muster Naga dug out Gawari’s right boob and then her left boob from the strong grip of her bra. While Gawari was deep throating Naga’s penis, Naga was wanking and tugging squeezing Gawari’s boob, poking and striking her nipples like he did with marbles when he was a kid. Within minutes Naga pulled Gawari up by her braid and the jasmine flowers, pulled down her panties and was inside her making round circles of increasing diameter inside her vagina with his hard long penis.

Even though it was her first time Gawari showed no apprehensions and was screaming “Harder! Harder! I need more! Harder Babi” there was sudden sense of horror spread across her face with the sound of that last sound in her voice
“Oh Sorry I didn’t introduce myself. I am Naga”  Naga disclosed his name proudly, for the first time. “And I know yours”
Both were spread across the wall of the hall and banging on it for almost 10 mins when Naga pulled out exhausted.

But Gawari was not done yet “Are you hungry? I’ll get you something”.

One couldn’t manage to have breakfast that day to reach Shiva temple in time, the other one had insatiable hunger.

Naga dragged himself to the bedroom, breakfast was last thing on his mind. He was busy making multiple versions of what had just happened in his head and struggling with which one to narrate to and boast about to all his friends.

Gawari meanwhile was busy churning out the perfect recipe which Fakshmi had told brought out the kink in all. It was the traditional recipe that all relished like hungry animals. It was the recipe that  created what you could never have enough of. It was the recipe that was advised for a healthy life. It was the recipe for the sick and the poor. The table manners required you to lick it while it tickled down your fingers, palms, wrists and elbows. Gawari prepared the perfect curd rice, carried the big bowl to bed room and called out to Naga who was still lost in his different versions.

“I’ll get the plates” Naga was on his feet
“Don’t be silly, there is a better way” with that Gawari squeezed both her boobs together and laid out the entire contents of the bowl on her boobs.

Naga was never as hungry as he was at that moment, he started licking every drop of curd that was dripping from Gawari’s boobs in all directions, along with the rice Naga was chewing on Gawari’s boobs and nipples till they were red and sore. Soon both Gawari and Naga were fighting for traces of curd rice off her bosoms and feeding themselves to be stronger for what was in store next. From Gawari’s boobs Naga graduated to her neck and for was stuck by how short it was and how sturdy it looked. Then his hardness sought the soft comfort of Gawari’s cunt. He thrust his penis inside her , Gawari shrieked with pleasure, her recipe had worked. While pounding Gawari harder and harder Naga was again graduating up from her neck to Gawari’s lips.

Naga was biting on Gawari’s lips when he did the unthinkable, what he had promised to himself he would never do, after he had seen her face and glanced at her eyes the first time. Naga looked straight into Gawari’s eyes and a sudden chill went up his spine and radiated across all his extremities.
Till that moment Naga always spoke to Gawari’s breasts and Gawari always spoke to Naga’s eyes. Now that their eyes met for the first time,  Naga could no longer move, he froze at the deep hidden horrors of Gawari’s eyes and the soul or lack of it. Gawari started sucking his insides from his mouth, her tongue slipped deep inside Naga’s Mouth.

Naga wanted to push Gawari away and run as fast and as far as possible but there was no way out of his sudden paralysis, he couldn’t so much as close his eyes. Something very dark and powerful  had latched onto his  physical existence and rendered it intransigent to his will. But left his soul and sensitivity to feel pain and horror untouched. He felt the extreme acridness of Gawari’s tongue as it went deep inside his mouth then his throat, soon Gawari’s tongue was rolling up his skull and down his throat then oesophagus simultaneously at a slow, painfully slow pace. Gawari’s tongue split at end and spread its branched tentacles inside Naga’s brain, in his lungs, inside his stomach, in his guts and limbs, within moments Gawari’s tongue was running in his veins bathing on his blood. Naga felt millions of insects spewing acid were crawling inside his veins, his head. Naga howled and howled and cried in pain but not a syllable came out of his throat. As Gawari’s tongue took control of his penis Gawari chuckled with joy. She knew she’d never get tired and only she could satisfy herself.

Gawari’s tongue from inside Naga’s penis had sex with her for the next 12 days and 12 nights. Naga’s body remained the perfect abiding host of Gawari’s tongue for the next 12 days and 12 nights while his soul suffered in frenzy.  It was the last night, the last hour of Pushkaralu, to Naga’s horror a  dark dense liquid oozed out like a fountain from Gawari’s cherry pink nipples. It burnt, ate away, vaporised  Naga’s skin and flesh and bones, wherever it fell.
Within fifteen minutes Gawari was resting her back on bed with a structure of her tongue outlining Naga’s insides, his penis, his limbs, his guts, his stomach, his lungs, his throat and his skull and brain. Gawari sat straight pulled her hair and wailed and wailed and wailed that entire night. It was a silent wail that shattered distances, froze time and was for Fakshmi’s ears only. As Gawari continued wailing  Fakshmi’s heart sank in fear, deep fear of the future. As dawn broke Gawari retracted her tongue, wore her saree, placed the now dry jasmine flowers in her braid and left Naga’s uncle’s place locked as it was 13 days ago.

Five days after Pushkara’s ended Naga’s friends (not that he had many) read his obituary in the local newspaper, he was supposedly dead in the mob rush of the last day of Pushkaralu by drowning in Godavari.

Gawari’s eyes remained Grey a dark shade of sparkling  yellowish-grey, till she recieved the call.
“How are you Bhujji, enjoying college?”
“No Babi missing you, missing you a lot”. Gawari rolled her eyes.




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