Gawari Fadina -For the love of women II


Hemalatha was 5’6 and skinny which made her look much taller than she was. Gawari lifted up Hemalatha’s sky blue nighty revealing her perk charcoal dark nipples. Gawari then fetched her pencil bag, took out the ruler, placed it on Hemalatha’s tense nipple and tried to measure the length from her nipple to where her boob ended. The corner of the ruler was sharp, Hema’s nipples grew more sensitive and hard to the sharpness.

“Its so difficult to measure curves with a plastic ruler and just two hands. Lavanya dear please lift up Hema’s boobs, no no not like that just hold them straight and stretched up by her nipples. Pull her nipples a bit more I don’t want to lose even a millimetre” Lavanya obliged and Gawari continued her act and started making notes in her Telegu notebook which no longer was sticky after Naga’s sudden untimely death.

“8 inches under, not bad Hema they just need some volume”
“12 inches from front”
“9 inches from left, 9 and a half from right”

Once Gawari was done with Hema she ordered Lavanya to remove her nightshirt revealing Lavanya’s small boobs.

“They’ll need some serious hard work and pumping” said Gawari with a short laugh and slapping Lavanya’s boob. Then followed the similar exercise with Lavanya as Gawari had done with Hema.

After noting the measurements of Hemalatha and Lavanya, Gawari removed her nighty. Both Hemalatha and Lavanya were amazed at the size and proper roundness of Gawari’s melons and her pink slightly elongated nipples. Gawari continued her pretention “You have to squeeze up and down, left and right, your right breast with your right wrist and left breast with your left wrist. Push them harder.” And with that all three of them started moaning while performing the same act in perfect rhythm.

“You are not doing it right, I’ll do it for you and you can try it on me.” “Oo loosen up, I’ll help you” Gawari pinched Hemalatha’s nipples and started making waves with Hema’s mammaries in all directions. Hemalatha cried with pain and joy. Lavanya’s hand fluidly moved to Gawari’s pussy and started rubbing it with same vigour.
Hemalatha cupped Gawari’s boobs almost digging her nails in Gawari’s buttery soft mounds. Lavanya inserted her first three fingers in Gawari’s cunt and rubbed the insides of her vagina. Gawari moaned in joy, her curls loosely falling on her ample assets, which at that very moment were being ravaged by Hemalatha’s tongue and teeth.
Hema was stuck on Gawari’s right boob, it was actually Gawari who pulled Hema to her boob, Gawari was not letting go of Hema’s head. Hema held on tightly to Gawari’s boobs so as not to fall down and continued sucking on her boob harder and harder, yet Gawari wanted it more rough,  Hema started chewing Gawari’s nipples and biting her tits to satisfy Gawari with rough play.
Gawari was wet, she spread her legs a bit to make some space, pulled Lavanya by her hair to lick her cunt. Lavanya hungrily sucked in Gawari’s juices. Gawari grabbed hold of the “Parachute Advanced” hair oil bottle lying on her bed and passed it onto Lavanya.
In her zest to please Gawari, Lavanya held the bottle with both her hands and pushed it in Gawari’s cunt with her life-force.

The three frolicked for three days and three nights, each day to satisfy one, each day to please one, each day to fuck one, each night to satisfy one, each night to please one, each night to fuck one with “Parachute advanced” hair oil bottle.

The day after the third night and the day after 30 “Parachute Advanced” hair oil bottles, hostel warden and 29 girls present in the hostel rushed to sudden wails emanating from Gawari’s room. Gawari was clutching a piece of paper to her chest and howling . The hostel warden freed the note from Gawari, it read.

“Appologies for all the trouble, we mixed sleeping pills in your water, you see  we both are in love with someone you may come to know soon or may not. Our parents, this society, the law will not allow marriage between three people, so we both are eloping with the love of our lives. By the time you getup from your induced sleep we would have travelled half way across the world.
Assure our parents, friends, teachers and the rest that we’ll never ever cross paths again.

-Luv & Sorry again

Hemalatha & Lavanya”

Seven days after the disappearance,  Gawari’s hostel guard taking a cue from Hemalatha & Lavanya eloped with the love of his life leaving behind his scorned wife and three grieving kids from three different fathers, none his own.

Fakshmi’s heart sank with every passing example of quest for true love and she did what at times like this one should do. She made 17 kilos of Avakaya pickle.


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