Score Satisfaction of Gawari Fadina- Part II


Gawari continued her clandestine tuitions with both the Telugu professor and the history professor till her last Tuesday in college. Within a fortnight’s time since it all began, the Telugu Professor had made it a tradition to use dildos of variety of sizes, girth, colour, pattern, material and manufacturer, a new one every Tuesday.

The first dildo he used on Gawari was a 14 inch long white cheap plastic Dildo of 2 inch radius at the base with gold polka dots, manufactured by ‘Desi Lusty Anna’. Just before inserting the white plastic in Gawari’s cunt the professor remarked while vigorously shaking his small penis in one hand and taking the wrapper off the Dildo with the other one.
“Today is one of the most important days of your life Gawari. From today you’ll be both a virgin and a not. You see Gawari neither I nor Garu wants you to lose your virginity. No no that’s a sin Ma, traditional virtuous Telugu girls do not lose their virginity before marriage. But we understand, we understand completely that your education is equally important. And this white guy with golden spots here will help you to achieve the score you seek Gawari, while you retain your innocence 100%” with that he pushed the unwrapped dildo inside Gawari’s cunt, a few seconds later the history professor entered her from behind exactly when the Telegu professor pulled the ‘Desi Lusty Anna’s dildo. The Telugu professor’s dildoed hand rhythms of push-ahh,push-ahh, push-ahh perfectly synchronised with the history teacher’s penis’s ahh-push, ahh-push, ahh-push inside Gawari’s round ass. Gawari was breathless but not satisfied.

Second dildo that the Professor used on Gawari was dirty green in color made of high-end strong elastic polymer, it was 21 inches in length, 7 inch radius at base, manufactured by ‘Virgin Vadina’, while unwrapping the dildo with one hand and vigorously shaking his tiny feeble penis with the other, the professor grinned  “Look Gawari look today you get to be fucked by ‘The Incredible Hulk'”. Gawari had never heard of the Hulk and she was absorbing every word intently, may be someday…

Third one that the Professor used on Gawari was a 2 inch dark-brown dildo self-manufactured out of rolled-up garbage bags, 2 inches thick, while rolling the dildo with one hand and shaking his tiny-pee with the other the professor announced “Here cums your Professor Gawari, show respect.”

Gawari scored 100 out of 100 in Telugu and history papers straight for three years but failed in all other subjects straight for three years.

Fakshmi was worried about Gawari’s increasing count of birthdays and color of her eyes which were almost always grey. On a Monday Gawari received a call from Fakshmi           “We are coming to get you, who will marry you if you stress out on education and develop wrinkles. Enough of studies Gawari, you are a brilliant girl, scoring 100 in Telugu literature is not easy. Kings will fall on your feet Gawari at the sight of your glowing fair skin. Studies and hard work are for dark-skinned hags who depend on rubbing ‘fair & lovely’ to gain self-confidence, who have to think of a survival plan since they know they will never get married well. We are coming day after tomorrow darling, pack your bags.”  Gawari was happy, finally 143 Tuesdays of practice was over.

The Professor took out a 9 inch wooden dildo of 3 inch radius at base, manufactured by “Depraved Atta Amma” and while he was unwrapping the dildo with one hand, Gawari shook his penis with both her hands, rolled her eyes and spoke in child voice “Sir today is my last Tuesday sir, please let me showcase my talent”,  their eyes met for the first time, for the first time Gawari had not lowered her gaze in search of copulating ants. The professor’s eyes were locked by the violent labyrinths of her grey eyes, he let out a shriek, a silent frozen shriek. Gawari’s tongued slithered inside every cavity of his insides through his wide open mouth, taking control of his tiny penis it entered her vagina only to get inside the history professor’s brains traversing and tearing through his penis and guts. Gawari’s tongue after a long wait of 133 Sundays fucked her to zenith and this time from both front and back. The two professors remained attached to her like two cardboard pieces moving at her will, glued to her by their penises. After 286 minutes of hard sweating fuck the professors were puddles of dark colloidal liquid already turning to dark stinky vapours moving to nothingness. Gawari was satisfied.

“Of course Amma, all is packed. Lets go.” Gawari had earned her desired lesson, she knew why to, how to, for who to wait. And wait she would.



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