Score Satisfaction of Gawari Fadina- Part II


Gawari continued her clandestine tuitions with both the Telugu professor and the history professor till her last Tuesday in college. Within a fortnight’s time since it all began, the Telugu Professor had made it a tradition to use dildos of variety of sizes, girth, colour, pattern, material and manufacturer, a new one every Tuesday.

The first dildo he used on Gawari was a 14 inch long white cheap plastic Dildo of 2 inch radius at the base with gold polka dots, manufactured by ‘Desi Lusty Anna’. Just before inserting the white plastic in Gawari’s cunt the professor remarked while vigorously shaking his small penis in one hand and taking the wrapper off the Dildo with the other one.
“Today is one of the most important days of your life Gawari. From today you’ll be both a virgin and a not. You see Gawari neither I nor Garu wants you to lose your virginity. No no that’s a sin Ma, traditional virtuous Telugu girls do not lose their virginity before marriage. But we understand, we understand completely that your education is equally important. And this white guy with golden spots here will help you to achieve the score you seek Gawari, while you retain your innocence 100%” with that he pushed the unwrapped dildo inside Gawari’s cunt, a few seconds later the history professor entered her from behind exactly when the Telegu professor pulled the ‘Desi Lusty Anna’s dildo. The Telugu professor’s dildoed hand rhythms of push-ahh,push-ahh, push-ahh perfectly synchronised with the history teacher’s penis’s ahh-push, ahh-push, ahh-push inside Gawari’s round ass. Gawari was breathless but not satisfied.

Second dildo that the Professor used on Gawari was dirty green in color made of high-end strong elastic polymer, it was 21 inches in length, 7 inch radius at base, manufactured by ‘Virgin Vadina’, while unwrapping the dildo with one hand and vigorously shaking his tiny feeble penis with the other, the professor grinned  “Look Gawari look today you get to be fucked by ‘The Incredible Hulk'”. Gawari had never heard of the Hulk and she was absorbing every word intently, may be someday…

Third one that the Professor used on Gawari was a 2 inch dark-brown dildo self-manufactured out of rolled-up garbage bags, 2 inches thick, while rolling the dildo with one hand and shaking his tiny-pee with the other the professor announced “Here cums your Professor Gawari, show respect.”

Gawari scored 100 out of 100 in Telugu and history papers straight for three years but failed in all other subjects straight for three years.

Fakshmi was worried about Gawari’s increasing count of birthdays and color of her eyes which were almost always grey. On a Monday Gawari received a call from Fakshmi           “We are coming to get you, who will marry you if you stress out on education and develop wrinkles. Enough of studies Gawari, you are a brilliant girl, scoring 100 in Telugu literature is not easy. Kings will fall on your feet Gawari at the sight of your glowing fair skin. Studies and hard work are for dark-skinned hags who depend on rubbing ‘fair & lovely’ to gain self-confidence, who have to think of a survival plan since they know they will never get married well. We are coming day after tomorrow darling, pack your bags.”  Gawari was happy, finally 143 Tuesdays of practice was over.

The Professor took out a 9 inch wooden dildo of 3 inch radius at base, manufactured by “Depraved Atta Amma” and while he was unwrapping the dildo with one hand, Gawari shook his penis with both her hands, rolled her eyes and spoke in child voice “Sir today is my last Tuesday sir, please let me showcase my talent”,  their eyes met for the first time, for the first time Gawari had not lowered her gaze in search of copulating ants. The professor’s eyes were locked by the violent labyrinths of her grey eyes, he let out a shriek, a silent frozen shriek. Gawari’s tongued slithered inside every cavity of his insides through his wide open mouth, taking control of his tiny penis it entered her vagina only to get inside the history professor’s brains traversing and tearing through his penis and guts. Gawari’s tongue after a long wait of 133 Sundays fucked her to zenith and this time from both front and back. The two professors remained attached to her like two cardboard pieces moving at her will, glued to her by their penises. After 286 minutes of hard sweating fuck the professors were puddles of dark colloidal liquid already turning to dark stinky vapours moving to nothingness. Gawari was satisfied.

“Of course Amma, all is packed. Lets go.” Gawari had earned her desired lesson, she knew why to, how to, for who to wait. And wait she would.



Score satisfaction of Gawari Fadina

undr (2)


As Gawari walked in the direction of Telugu professor’s cubicle, she worked out in her mind how coy she should be, how untouched, virginal and scared she should act, how intact her hymen should be, she knew it had to be fully intact. But she never even had one to start with, she was born to be a whore, it was the curse that had passed on from generations, just one generation to be precise but was to be passed on to future generations till her Amma’s cursed DNA thrived.

” Sir, may I…may I come in, pl please?” Gawari uttered mimicking the tone of a child. After all innocent, traditional, Ah so pious! women always sound like a 10 year old does.

The thought was diligently inculcated in the psyche of every Telugu female thanks to the movie industry where every heroine sounded retarded, behaved retarded, after all a retarded woman is innocent and an innocent woman is retarded. The words were always interchanged in conversations i.e. a retarded woman and an innocent girl.  Being retarded i.e. being innocent the Telugu movie heroines jump up and down the streets laughing and clapping for no particular reason in every single movie. And yes they always dance with gay abandonment every single time it rains in the movie and yes they dance in white saree, with jasmine flowers in their braid and they dance with the poor, neglected, half naked, hungry looking street kids to establish for once and all their equivalent innocence and of course their Virginity.

 Gawari was wearing a white silk saree with golden borders. She had jasmine flowers tangled in her braid, a red dot with ash lines underneath on her forehead to mark her strong religious beliefs and a black spot on her left cheek to save her from any evil eye.

The Professor measured her from behind his black thick rimmed glasses, a 48 years old much married man with grey hairs, a shiny bald patch,  father of  five kids. The very shy Gawari didn’t look at him and lowered her gaze to watch two ants fucking on floor.

“Yes Ma come in” his voice was strong and soft. Gawari crushed the copulating ants under her feet and walked in to be checked out by her professor.

“Sir I think there is some mistake, sorry sir not to bother you but could you please check my test answer sheet once more, please sir” Gawari’s gaze still lowered to floor, looking out for her next insect victims.

Gawari’s blouse just hid her nipples and the sight of her huge soft squeeshy yellowish white underboob in between the folds of her white saree with gold borders against her pale yellow skin stirred something inside the middle-aged Professor’s trousers, every drop of his blood rushed to his cock and resulted in a tiny bulge in his trousers.

“I have not seen you before, are you in first year Ma”
Gawari noded in affirmation
“What’s your roll number Ma” enquired the middle-aged Professor in possession of the bulge and a wet trouser
“Sir eighteen,  one hmmmm.. eight hmmmm.. eighteen” murmered Gawari in child voice
“Wonderful, let me find your paper” the grey moustached professor fished out Gawari’s answer sheet from the huge pile of trash on his table. He flipped through the almost blank pages.
“Ma could you not study”
“Sir my Amma was sick and I had to go home every day to dust the house, to mop the floor, to cook, to serve my dad, to take care of my mom, to do Puja and to distribute the prasadam to neighbours.
And sir as you know I am from Pandalapaka a village 40kms from here, I could hardly study sir.
“So traditional Ma, girls like you are a rare breed ma. Pull up the chair and come, come sit next to me. Lets see if there is anything I can do for you.
Gawari lifted up the chair with her right hand, her right boob hanging on the chair’s upper shaft.
The grey haired, half bald professor watched and involuntarily squirted everytime Gawari’s boob slammed against the chair’s shaft. He was exhausted even before he started.
As Gawari settled down next to the Professor, he extended his arm behind the chair and pulled it closer to him. His arm brushed against Gawari’s naked underboob sending out another shot of semen to soak his underwear. He groaned in pleasure. Emboldened by the touch and Gawari’s coyness the professor cajoled
“Ma you are so young, you are half my age, come closer Ma I’ll show you the best way to study and lets see if I have missed any points in your answer sheet.”

Gawary sat cross legged, her hands on her knees, her boobs peeking out from the sides of her arms and her gaze stuck on her feet. She blushed and smiled
“Okay sir” Gawari’s half ass was on her Professor’s chair the other half on her chair.The Professor slowly slid his hands behind Gawari’s back, encircling her waist.

“Lets see the first question, I gave you 2 marks out of 5, hmm can we accommodate more here” as he pondered, he pondered on Gawari’s waist, he wrote two and slash then 5 on Gawari’s waist with his index finger

“two out of 5” Slowly his finger moved to the softness of Gawari’s underboob

“I assume we can make it 3 out of 5” and with his nails he drew 3 and slash then 5 on Gawari’s underboob, slowly moving up to the base of her nipple. Gawari blushed, remained immovable, maintaining her gaze on floor and acted frightened. The Professor was impressed

“Lets move on to the next question, hmm umm what can we do here” as he mused on the second question his thumb and index finger pulled Gawari’s nipple
“Ah Ah Ma, how knotty your writing is, how big each letter is, Ahhh” moaned the professor as he continued pinching her pink nipple.
Gawari had to play her role of sheer innocence.
“Sir please,  that’s not my hand you are pinching sir, what are you doing sir.”
“What do you mean” hollered the professor as he pushed his knuckles under her boob. Gawari let out a scream of pleasant pain.
“Sir please, please don’t punish me sir.”
“Come come sit on my lap, I care for you, we’ll get it done faster” with that the Professor pulled Gawari by her boobs on his laps, lifted up her blouse revealing her long pink nipples, he rubbed her right nipple with the tip of his tongue, then held it between his yellow teeth and sucked on, with his left hand he kneaded her left breast.

The sight of Gawari’s young buttery soft huge round boobs with long pink perk nipples and her act of non-willingness to participate in some game she had never played before arose the Professor more, he had orgasms at the frequency of one every 7 minutes.

He took Gawari’s hand and placed it on his wet trouser on top of the bulge.

“Touch it there, that’s right, you are so fragile and so virtuous, come on apply more strength, more, yes more”
“Sir please sir, you’ll get hurt sir”
“Haha haha, you are so innocent Gawari, why dont you kiss me where you hurt me, come on get down on your knees” the professor unzipped his fly as Gawari got down on her knees. He got hold of Jasmine flowers and Gawari’s braid and pushed her mouth on his penis.
“Take it Gawari, you have to accept the Prasadam to get better marks” his penis was small, erect and was already spurting juices
“Come Gawari this is your ice cream from now on, please come in whenever you one, come lick it, take it inside your mouth. Its not easy to gain education Gawari, this is a very important lesson. Come lick it more”
Gawari engulfed his penis and with her tongue drew 5 and slash then 5 on the tip of his penis. The professor moaned and cummed “Ahh, Ahh my virgin, Ahhhh come, come now you have much more to learn”

The door squeaked open and to the Telugu Professor and Gawari’s horror the history professor stepped in and stopped dead in his tracks.

“She needs to be educated Garu” grinned the Professor.
The history professor watched Gawari’s huge round perk half exposed breasts, her wet mouth, the penis in her hand and the still under wraps bountiful booty. He came from Gawari’s behind, untied her petticoat, pulled it down along with the white saree with golden borders, with both his hands he clasped onto her hanging jugs and entered Gawari, from behind.
“Gawari moaned in surprise and the unknown pleasure” her hands clasping onto the tiny penis of the Telegu professor. The Telegu professor clapped and laughed innocently, incessantly.
“Full marks, Full marks” he chanted non-stop.
Then with his penis he poked her vagina but before he could enter his penis lost its vigour once again and just spat cum.
“Virgins should remain virgin, isnt it Garu” observed the Professor
“Yes Ahh, sure Ah, why not Ah, ofcourse Ahhh” commented the history professor in between his breaths while pounding Gawari from behind, his Ahhs in perfect synchrony with Gawari’s Ahhahhs.
“But I should teach you the feeling” The Professor rubbed Gawari’s labia with increasing frequency and vigour.
Gawari rolled her eyes
“Sir please sir, please, please”
The Telegu professor squeezed Gawari’s boobs together and started sucking on to both together, bitting her nipples together.
By the end of  17th second three of them orgasmed together , moaned together, moved their bodies back and forth in the same rhythm.

“Its getting late for my next class and today Principal has some class announcement to make” uttered the History Professor with regret  “I have to go”
“Gawari you too should be in your class now”
“Yes sir, I’ll follow everything you ask of me sir. That’s my duty sir” muttered Gawari in the retarded voice hiding her eyes behind her lowered eyelids

“Gawari don’t forget you have to study regularly, you have to be here every Tuesday after the classes, only then will you improve” the Professor spoke
“Yes sir, sure sir.”

By the end of the orgy Gawari had managed to crush 170 ants and one bumble bee while walking out of the cubicle. Gawari was happy but not satisfied.

Gawari Fadina -For the love of women II


Hemalatha was 5’6 and skinny which made her look much taller than she was. Gawari lifted up Hemalatha’s sky blue nighty revealing her perk charcoal dark nipples. Gawari then fetched her pencil bag, took out the ruler, placed it on Hemalatha’s tense nipple and tried to measure the length from her nipple to where her boob ended. The corner of the ruler was sharp, Hema’s nipples grew more sensitive and hard to the sharpness.

“Its so difficult to measure curves with a plastic ruler and just two hands. Lavanya dear please lift up Hema’s boobs, no no not like that just hold them straight and stretched up by her nipples. Pull her nipples a bit more I don’t want to lose even a millimetre” Lavanya obliged and Gawari continued her act and started making notes in her Telegu notebook which no longer was sticky after Naga’s sudden untimely death.

“8 inches under, not bad Hema they just need some volume”
“12 inches from front”
“9 inches from left, 9 and a half from right”

Once Gawari was done with Hema she ordered Lavanya to remove her nightshirt revealing Lavanya’s small boobs.

“They’ll need some serious hard work and pumping” said Gawari with a short laugh and slapping Lavanya’s boob. Then followed the similar exercise with Lavanya as Gawari had done with Hema.

After noting the measurements of Hemalatha and Lavanya, Gawari removed her nighty. Both Hemalatha and Lavanya were amazed at the size and proper roundness of Gawari’s melons and her pink slightly elongated nipples. Gawari continued her pretention “You have to squeeze up and down, left and right, your right breast with your right wrist and left breast with your left wrist. Push them harder.” And with that all three of them started moaning while performing the same act in perfect rhythm.

“You are not doing it right, I’ll do it for you and you can try it on me.” “Oo loosen up, I’ll help you” Gawari pinched Hemalatha’s nipples and started making waves with Hema’s mammaries in all directions. Hemalatha cried with pain and joy. Lavanya’s hand fluidly moved to Gawari’s pussy and started rubbing it with same vigour.
Hemalatha cupped Gawari’s boobs almost digging her nails in Gawari’s buttery soft mounds. Lavanya inserted her first three fingers in Gawari’s cunt and rubbed the insides of her vagina. Gawari moaned in joy, her curls loosely falling on her ample assets, which at that very moment were being ravaged by Hemalatha’s tongue and teeth.
Hema was stuck on Gawari’s right boob, it was actually Gawari who pulled Hema to her boob, Gawari was not letting go of Hema’s head. Hema held on tightly to Gawari’s boobs so as not to fall down and continued sucking on her boob harder and harder, yet Gawari wanted it more rough,  Hema started chewing Gawari’s nipples and biting her tits to satisfy Gawari with rough play.
Gawari was wet, she spread her legs a bit to make some space, pulled Lavanya by her hair to lick her cunt. Lavanya hungrily sucked in Gawari’s juices. Gawari grabbed hold of the “Parachute Advanced” hair oil bottle lying on her bed and passed it onto Lavanya.
In her zest to please Gawari, Lavanya held the bottle with both her hands and pushed it in Gawari’s cunt with her life-force.

The three frolicked for three days and three nights, each day to satisfy one, each day to please one, each day to fuck one, each night to satisfy one, each night to please one, each night to fuck one with “Parachute advanced” hair oil bottle.

The day after the third night and the day after 30 “Parachute Advanced” hair oil bottles, hostel warden and 29 girls present in the hostel rushed to sudden wails emanating from Gawari’s room. Gawari was clutching a piece of paper to her chest and howling . The hostel warden freed the note from Gawari, it read.

“Appologies for all the trouble, we mixed sleeping pills in your water, you see  we both are in love with someone you may come to know soon or may not. Our parents, this society, the law will not allow marriage between three people, so we both are eloping with the love of our lives. By the time you getup from your induced sleep we would have travelled half way across the world.
Assure our parents, friends, teachers and the rest that we’ll never ever cross paths again.

-Luv & Sorry again

Hemalatha & Lavanya”

Seven days after the disappearance,  Gawari’s hostel guard taking a cue from Hemalatha & Lavanya eloped with the love of his life leaving behind his scorned wife and three grieving kids from three different fathers, none his own.

Fakshmi’s heart sank with every passing example of quest for true love and she did what at times like this one should do. She made 17 kilos of Avakaya pickle.

Gawari Fadina -For the love of women

les (2)

Everyday while gorging on Idlies and Sambar in hostel cafeteria Gawari watched how most of the girls trotted around Padma, just being around Padma made them popular and wanted in the social circles. Padma was not only beautiful but also had a lineage which was rare to find in those parts. Padma’s parents were graduate, Padma’s grandparents were graduates, Padma’s great grandparents were graduates.
Gawari hated Padma she thought to herself  “That jinxed black cat wears tight, shortest kameez and all the guys think she is beautiful. And how does it matter if her Ma is educated, my Ma earns more than hers from her many friends just by sitting at home without lifting a finger”
To Gawari’s utter dismay even in her hostel room her roomates discussions were centred around their circle of which Padma was the center. One day one of Gawari’s  roomate was discussing with the other on how good Padma looked in her new chikankari suit which Padma’s dad got from North during one of his tours and the possibility of finding such amazing hand embroidered stuff in any of the local shops.

Gawari hated North-Indians since the day in fourth standard when her schoolmate whose father was in army and posted in Punjab disagreed with Gawari’s claim of being the fairest girl in whole India and that too without resorting to use “Fair & Lovely”. Uma disclaimed Gawari’s claim with her own conjured statistics that 80% of the women in Punjab were 80% more fairer than Gawari.  Gawari was devastated by such hearsay, she vowed to take down every North-Indian till she was alive. As time flew by her vow became more and more inclusive and engulfed Malayalis, Brahmins, Hyderabadis, Kannads, Marathis, Caucasians etc. in total there were 45 races and 25 Indian castes that fell under the aegis of her vow.

Gawari interrupted her roommates with a snort “There is nothing good in North, have you seen any of those north-Indian sluts? Don’t you understand Padma is going down the dirty drain, she has started wearing jeans like those north-Indians, ai-aiyoo what a shame.” Gawari slammed her forehead thrice with her right hand and rolled her eys.
“Padma is not beautiful she just has a voluptous figure like the whores and guys just want to squeeze and suck her boobs. Thats why they flock around her”.

Hemalatha considered herself Padma’s close friend and she was hurt by Gawari’s remarks “In that case there should be more number of guys following you but we dont see any” retorted Hemalatha

Gawari was quick to snap “Guys don’t flock around good traditional girls for wrong reasons okay. They know who they can score easily with and they follow such whores only. I always wear  traditional Andhra dresses completely covering every inch of my body. And all the guys secretly desire me, would die to get one look from me but they want to marry me not to have a fling like they’ll have with Padma. And you’ll see once they get a job their parents will beg my parents for my hand in marriage. Have you seen anyone as fair as me across 500 miles and yet you think guys want Padma? Anyone who hangs around me is respected and all the girls who hang around Padma are known to be easy tease in boy’s hostel”.

“Padma doesnt wear tight dresses, she wears well-fitting dresses and unlike you she wears a bra underneath it”  Hemalatha uttered in disgust
“Aiyoo didn’t anyone tell you, good girls don’t wear bra. Bra is a western concept, bra doesn’t fall under any category of Telegu or for that fact Indian traditional dresses. What do you call a bra in Telegu or any of the Indian languages? Saaayeee, do we have a Telegu word for it?” After Naga’s sudden disappearance Gawari’s trick to get noticed somehow failed on others except the girl’s hostel watchman, she was growing desperate for more action and when Hemalatha alluded to the size of her assets and undergarments something stirred in Gawari.
“I come from a village okay, we only follow our culture there okay, I know herbal remedies and chants which can be used to make one more voluptuous, I can help you if you want dear. I can help you get boobs as big as a ripe Papaya much bigger than Padma’s” Gawari spoke with a combination of innocence and conviction to Hemlatha
“You are kidding” both Hemalatha and Hemabindu announced in unision
“A girl needs to prepare herself to nourish her kids you know, my Amma always says that. You will not see a single flat chested woman in my family. And whatever they say nowadays its not about one’s genes okay. Why my grandma is flat-chested but my Amma is not. My Amma worked hard on her body to develop it, to nourish us and to keep her husband happy. That’s the only goal of traditional housewives and you should always keep that in mind. Only in that lies a woman’s real success i.e. to nourish her husband and his family.”

Hemalatha and Lavanya’s interest suddenly piqued, they never really liked Gawari, there was something strange about her face and demeanour but something very binding about her figure if you could completely ignore her face. Both privately cursed God for wasting such a blessing on Gawari, if only they were proud owners of 36Es that would have gone so damn well with their innocent faces.

“Come on close the door I’ll teach you how to prepare yourselves for your future. How you can become more attractive than Padma and in the respectful traditional way”; With that Gawari invited Hemalatha and Lavanya for her first threesome and their one time experience.

Lavanya locked the latch. Hemalatha switched off the lights, so that others in hostel don’t disturb them in the act.

“Switch on the lights dear, I want to see you in full light and come near me darling” Gawari demanded.

Hemalatha switched on the lights and stepped up to Gawari. As Hemalatha and Lavanya stood face to face with Gawari and looked in her eyes a shadow slowly started engulfing their senses. Both of them stood as in trance. Their only goal in life now was to satisfy their mistress in every way possible. Their only goal in life now was to see that their mistress is not enraged the slightest. Their only goal in life now was to do exactly what their mistress Gawari Fadina asked of them….


Gawari Fadina- It was all Grey!


For two days Gawari ignored Naga not that she craved attention, not that she had changed her mind, not to arouse him with her rejection, just that Gawari knew she would melt if he even brushed against her skirt. So the day after her first encounter with Naga, Gawari didn’t attend her classes. The day after the day after her first encounter with Naga, Gawari wrote a note on a piece of paper “Meet me tomorrow at Shiva temple at 6:30 a.m, we’ll begin it with a Puja and a small sacrifice”.  When Naga tried to sit next to her in class Gawari got up and moved to another bench but not before slipping that note to Naga.

On the auspicious designated day of Pushkaras, Gawari got up early or rather she didn’t sleep the night before. Gawari applied Kohl in her eyes, red lipstick on her lips, turmeric on her feet, jasmine flowers in her braid, red dot with  small ash lines on forehead and wrapped herself in a green silk saree.

Sharp at 5:45 she reached the Arch of Shiva temple but didn’t venture in further. At 6:00 Naga reached temple and to his delight saw Gawari waiting for him with her saree squeezed between her boobs. Naga’s prayers had already been answered , he didnt want to waste any more time.
“I know a place we can go to, its my uncle’s and he is out of town for six months” Naga’s eyes sparked as his  gaze fixed itself on Gawari’s stuffed up blouse.
Gawari rolled her eyes “I am fine with wherever you think its safe”

In 30 mins Gawari and Naga were in Naga’s uncle’s place; Naga’s hands were desperately lifting up Gawari’s saree, soon his fingers were rolling deep inside her panties.  Naga then pulled down Gawari’s panties, untied her petticoat and started devouring Gawari’s nipples which were still hidden inside her blouse. Not to be left behind Gawari started unbuttoning Naga’s trousers and soon her hands were squeezing his balls, shaking his penis up and down, up and down, up and down. Gawari bent down in her panties and blouse and started sucking on Naga’s steel. Naga moaned while ripping off Gawari’s blouse. Naga didn’t waste time in unhooking Gawari’s bra with all force he could muster Naga dug out Gawari’s right boob and then her left boob from the strong grip of her bra. While Gawari was deep throating Naga’s penis, Naga was wanking and tugging squeezing Gawari’s boob, poking and striking her nipples like he did with marbles when he was a kid. Within minutes Naga pulled Gawari up by her braid and the jasmine flowers, pulled down her panties and was inside her making round circles of increasing diameter inside her vagina with his hard long penis.

Even though it was her first time Gawari showed no apprehensions and was screaming “Harder! Harder! I need more! Harder Babi” there was sudden sense of horror spread across her face with the sound of that last sound in her voice
“Oh Sorry I didn’t introduce myself. I am Naga”  Naga disclosed his name proudly, for the first time. “And I know yours”
Both were spread across the wall of the hall and banging on it for almost 10 mins when Naga pulled out exhausted.

But Gawari was not done yet “Are you hungry? I’ll get you something”.

One couldn’t manage to have breakfast that day to reach Shiva temple in time, the other one had insatiable hunger.

Naga dragged himself to the bedroom, breakfast was last thing on his mind. He was busy making multiple versions of what had just happened in his head and struggling with which one to narrate to and boast about to all his friends.

Gawari meanwhile was busy churning out the perfect recipe which Fakshmi had told brought out the kink in all. It was the traditional recipe that all relished like hungry animals. It was the recipe that  created what you could never have enough of. It was the recipe that was advised for a healthy life. It was the recipe for the sick and the poor. The table manners required you to lick it while it tickled down your fingers, palms, wrists and elbows. Gawari prepared the perfect curd rice, carried the big bowl to bed room and called out to Naga who was still lost in his different versions.

“I’ll get the plates” Naga was on his feet
“Don’t be silly, there is a better way” with that Gawari squeezed both her boobs together and laid out the entire contents of the bowl on her boobs.

Naga was never as hungry as he was at that moment, he started licking every drop of curd that was dripping from Gawari’s boobs in all directions, along with the rice Naga was chewing on Gawari’s boobs and nipples till they were red and sore. Soon both Gawari and Naga were fighting for traces of curd rice off her bosoms and feeding themselves to be stronger for what was in store next. From Gawari’s boobs Naga graduated to her neck and for was stuck by how short it was and how sturdy it looked. Then his hardness sought the soft comfort of Gawari’s cunt. He thrust his penis inside her , Gawari shrieked with pleasure, her recipe had worked. While pounding Gawari harder and harder Naga was again graduating up from her neck to Gawari’s lips.

Naga was biting on Gawari’s lips when he did the unthinkable, what he had promised to himself he would never do, after he had seen her face and glanced at her eyes the first time. Naga looked straight into Gawari’s eyes and a sudden chill went up his spine and radiated across all his extremities.
Till that moment Naga always spoke to Gawari’s breasts and Gawari always spoke to Naga’s eyes. Now that their eyes met for the first time,  Naga could no longer move, he froze at the deep hidden horrors of Gawari’s eyes and the soul or lack of it. Gawari started sucking his insides from his mouth, her tongue slipped deep inside Naga’s Mouth.

Naga wanted to push Gawari away and run as fast and as far as possible but there was no way out of his sudden paralysis, he couldn’t so much as close his eyes. Something very dark and powerful  had latched onto his  physical existence and rendered it intransigent to his will. But left his soul and sensitivity to feel pain and horror untouched. He felt the extreme acridness of Gawari’s tongue as it went deep inside his mouth then his throat, soon Gawari’s tongue was rolling up his skull and down his throat then oesophagus simultaneously at a slow, painfully slow pace. Gawari’s tongue split at end and spread its branched tentacles inside Naga’s brain, in his lungs, inside his stomach, in his guts and limbs, within moments Gawari’s tongue was running in his veins bathing on his blood. Naga felt millions of insects spewing acid were crawling inside his veins, his head. Naga howled and howled and cried in pain but not a syllable came out of his throat. As Gawari’s tongue took control of his penis Gawari chuckled with joy. She knew she’d never get tired and only she could satisfy herself.

Gawari’s tongue from inside Naga’s penis had sex with her for the next 12 days and 12 nights. Naga’s body remained the perfect abiding host of Gawari’s tongue for the next 12 days and 12 nights while his soul suffered in frenzy.  It was the last night, the last hour of Pushkaralu, to Naga’s horror a  dark dense liquid oozed out like a fountain from Gawari’s cherry pink nipples. It burnt, ate away, vaporised  Naga’s skin and flesh and bones, wherever it fell.
Within fifteen minutes Gawari was resting her back on bed with a structure of her tongue outlining Naga’s insides, his penis, his limbs, his guts, his stomach, his lungs, his throat and his skull and brain. Gawari sat straight pulled her hair and wailed and wailed and wailed that entire night. It was a silent wail that shattered distances, froze time and was for Fakshmi’s ears only. As Gawari continued wailing  Fakshmi’s heart sank in fear, deep fear of the future. As dawn broke Gawari retracted her tongue, wore her saree, placed the now dry jasmine flowers in her braid and left Naga’s uncle’s place locked as it was 13 days ago.

Five days after Pushkara’s ended Naga’s friends (not that he had many) read his obituary in the local newspaper, he was supposedly dead in the mob rush of the last day of Pushkaralu by drowning in Godavari.

Gawari’s eyes remained Grey a dark shade of sparkling  yellowish-grey, till she recieved the call.
“How are you Bhujji, enjoying college?”
“No Babi missing you, missing you a lot”. Gawari rolled her eyes.



Gawari Fadina- The First Encounter Continues….


Naga followed Gawari’s breasts to class room no 3.14 and sat next to her right boob. For the first time since Gawari started attending lectures a guy sat next to her, just to sit next to her. On Gawari’s left was Padma, the Beauty. Almost every male in the campus be it students,  lecturers, canteen staff, house keeping staff , the stray staff, all were in love with Padma but restricted her to their wet dreams. They concentrated their efforts on someone with less conflict of interest and someone with high ROI. And slowly the list of unknown contacts on Padma’s mobile had diminished to one fourth of its original.

Naga pretended to flip pages to get to the right page and with his left elbow nudged Gawari’s right side-boob. Gawari felt a slight pleasing pain shoot up to her nipples from where Naga’s elbows touched her side-boob. The benches in the class were wide enough for four people to sit but that day to Gawari the bench seemed too crowded. Specifically the distance between her and Padma was too much for Gawari’s comfort.

“Uff..pskkk..umm….uff”  heavy sighs of discomfort and with lips twisted to left Gawari diplayed her displeasure on her proximity to Padma on the left and made a sudden move to her right. With that move Gawari’s side boob gobled Naga’s elbow and both of them moaned in unision. As the lecture continued Naga started digging circles of increasing radius with his left elbow on Gawari’s right boob. And with the diameter of those circles increased the height of tent that was taking shape in Naga’s trousers. Gawari was in immense pain and immense pleasure at the same time. The moment the tent in Naga’s trousers reached its maximum height, it lifted the flimsy table up from ground on its right.Naga’s, Gawari’s, Padma’s notebooks, books, pen, handkerchiefs, Padma’s clutcher everything slid to left of the table to ground with a loud clatter and a series of thuds.

“Aiyoo” exclaimed Gawari oogling at the tent on her right and Padma staring at the fallen things on her left..

Gawari’s right hand instictively reached out for the tent but stopped enroute with a fast gradual sense of reality dawning back to her. Gawari instead with a quick move grabbed her Telegu notebook and passed it on to Naga. Naga shielded the steel tent in his trousers with Gawari’s Telegu notebook.
“Thanks” said Naga keeping his gaze down at Gawari’s right boob.
After gathering herself Gawari sat cross-legged, eyes-rolled back,  her left hand stealthily engrossed somewhere deep in between her legs,  for the rest of the lecture. Gawari  Fadina got her Telegu notebook back the next day and it was mysteriously sealed across its breadth on one side with something invisible, something very strong.

Back in her hostel room that night when it was dark and her two room-mates were  deep in sleep Gawari Fadina took her water bottle, held it against her left boob and made circles of increasing radius with it. She had done justice to her body now, though it was not as pleasing as it was in the morning. That bottle gave her other thoughts but she restrained herself, after all you don’t waste your first time on plastic.

In two days auspicious Pushkaras were to begin. Gawari Fadina knew she’ll wait for two more days to get what she wanted on the third day, on an auspicious day.



Gawari Fadina- The First Encounter


Gawari Fadina was nineteen and out of school for two years now. Gawari didn’t go to college she spent her day at home applying turmeric packs, rose packs on her entire body and turmeric facepack and mud facepack on her face. She wanted to get far away from Fakshmi’s watchful eyes, as far as possible. But Fakshmi had other plans for Gawari. Fakshmi had known since Gawari was born that there is no other girl across 500 miles as fair as Gawari. Fakshmi knew that she could get out of her poverty by marrying Gawari to a rich guy. Fakshmi knew that she will not have to pay dowry for Gawari. Fakshmi knew she probably could even pass on Gawari’s marriage expenses to the groom. And for all that Fakshmi had to make sure that Gawari didn’t end up like her. Fakshmi also continued training Gawari in arts of attractions in her subtle way.
Fakshmi would growl “Walk straight Gawari! Dont slouch, arch your back; A bit more. Yes now that’s perfect” and Gawari slowly learnt how to walk after her breasts.

Fakshmi had waited for two years for the local politician to come to her with marriage proposal for Gawari. Fakshmi had waited for two years for the rich money-lenders, landlords in her village to come to her with marriage proposal for Gawari. Fakshmi had waited for three years since her son went to college for her son’s friends to come to her with marriage proposal for Gawari. Fakshmi had waited for 5 years for her elder daughter’s husband’s friends to come to her with marriage proposal for Gawari. “Something is wrong they are too intimidated perhaps, who wouldn’t be” thought Fakshmi “I should do something”.

Gawari’s friend from school who was studying in a college now came to invite Gawari to her marriage. Gawari had tears of anger in her eyes, she smiled at her friend and congratulated her “I am so happy for you” Gawari rolled her eyes “this are tears of joy ”

“Amma,  Amma” howled Gawari the moment her friend was gone “I am going to college. You can’t lock me here an more”  Gawari cried and cried for the following ten days. Gawari stopped eating and drinking for the following ten days.
“I’ll starve myself to death if you don’t send me to college” barked Gawari. On twelfth day Fakshmi and her husband dropped Gawari to a college hostel in next town.
“Promise me Gawari you will not bring shame to our family. Promise me you’ll not fall in love with any boy here. You look like a queen my dear, you should be married to a king” cried Fakshmi
“I promise Amma I’ll not do anything like that.” assured Gawari

It was Gawari’s first day in college. Gawari wore her red silk saree “I wonder how many men today will go crazy to touch my exposed belly” chuckled Gawari.
Gawari came back from college and cried her heart out. No one stopped her in her tracks, no one complemented her on her fairness, no one tried to pull her saree. Gawari was ignored by all the guys in her college, did her Ma scare them all before leaving the place wondered Gawari.

After a month of being ignored by all Gawari could take it no longer. Gawari wore a tight lemon yellow top with a black long skirt, she conveniently forgot to wear her bra that day. Gawari was happy with the way her nipples tore through her top. There was a sudden jump in her stride as she reached the college corridors. Her breasts were uncontrollable, they swayed in every direction like two giant pendulums . Her nipples made track marks across her lemon-yellow top. At that very moment he saw her, he wanted to bite through Gawari’s top to her nipples, he wanted to tug on to those pendulums and sway with them, he wanted to pull her skirt up and slide his fingers to something fleshy and soft inside her panties. He was Naga the vegetable vendor’s son.


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