Score satisfaction of Gawari Fadina

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As Gawari walked in the direction of Telugu professor’s cubicle, she worked out in her mind how coy she should be, how untouched, virginal and scared she should act, how intact her hymen should be, she knew it had to be fully intact. But she never even had one to start with, she was born to be a whore, it was the curse that had passed on from generations, just one generation to be precise but was to be passed on to future generations till her Amma’s cursed DNA thrived.

” Sir, may I…may I come in, pl please?” Gawari uttered mimicking the tone of a child. After all innocent, traditional, Ah so pious! women always sound like a 10 year old does.

The thought was diligently inculcated in the psyche of every Telugu female thanks to the movie industry where every heroine sounded retarded, behaved retarded, after all a retarded woman is innocent and an innocent woman is retarded. The words were always interchanged in conversations i.e. a retarded woman and an innocent girl.  Being retarded i.e. being innocent the Telugu movie heroines jump up and down the streets laughing and clapping for no particular reason in every single movie. And yes they always dance with gay abandonment every single time it rains in the movie and yes they dance in white saree, with jasmine flowers in their braid and they dance with the poor, neglected, half naked, hungry looking street kids to establish for once and all their equivalent innocence and of course their Virginity.

 Gawari was wearing a white silk saree with golden borders. She had jasmine flowers tangled in her braid, a red dot with ash lines underneath on her forehead to mark her strong religious beliefs and a black spot on her left cheek to save her from any evil eye.

The Professor measured her from behind his black thick rimmed glasses, a 48 years old much married man with grey hairs, a shiny bald patch,  father of  five kids. The very shy Gawari didn’t look at him and lowered her gaze to watch two ants fucking on floor.

“Yes Ma come in” his voice was strong and soft. Gawari crushed the copulating ants under her feet and walked in to be checked out by her professor.

“Sir I think there is some mistake, sorry sir not to bother you but could you please check my test answer sheet once more, please sir” Gawari’s gaze still lowered to floor, looking out for her next insect victims.

Gawari’s blouse just hid her nipples and the sight of her huge soft squeeshy yellowish white underboob in between the folds of her white saree with gold borders against her pale yellow skin stirred something inside the middle-aged Professor’s trousers, every drop of his blood rushed to his cock and resulted in a tiny bulge in his trousers.

“I have not seen you before, are you in first year Ma”
Gawari noded in affirmation
“What’s your roll number Ma” enquired the middle-aged Professor in possession of the bulge and a wet trouser
“Sir eighteen,  one hmmmm.. eight hmmmm.. eighteen” murmered Gawari in child voice
“Wonderful, let me find your paper” the grey moustached professor fished out Gawari’s answer sheet from the huge pile of trash on his table. He flipped through the almost blank pages.
“Ma could you not study”
“Sir my Amma was sick and I had to go home every day to dust the house, to mop the floor, to cook, to serve my dad, to take care of my mom, to do Puja and to distribute the prasadam to neighbours.
And sir as you know I am from Pandalapaka a village 40kms from here, I could hardly study sir.
“So traditional Ma, girls like you are a rare breed ma. Pull up the chair and come, come sit next to me. Lets see if there is anything I can do for you.
Gawari lifted up the chair with her right hand, her right boob hanging on the chair’s upper shaft.
The grey haired, half bald professor watched and involuntarily squirted everytime Gawari’s boob slammed against the chair’s shaft. He was exhausted even before he started.
As Gawari settled down next to the Professor, he extended his arm behind the chair and pulled it closer to him. His arm brushed against Gawari’s naked underboob sending out another shot of semen to soak his underwear. He groaned in pleasure. Emboldened by the touch and Gawari’s coyness the professor cajoled
“Ma you are so young, you are half my age, come closer Ma I’ll show you the best way to study and lets see if I have missed any points in your answer sheet.”

Gawary sat cross legged, her hands on her knees, her boobs peeking out from the sides of her arms and her gaze stuck on her feet. She blushed and smiled
“Okay sir” Gawari’s half ass was on her Professor’s chair the other half on her chair.The Professor slowly slid his hands behind Gawari’s back, encircling her waist.

“Lets see the first question, I gave you 2 marks out of 5, hmm can we accommodate more here” as he pondered, he pondered on Gawari’s waist, he wrote two and slash then 5 on Gawari’s waist with his index finger

“two out of 5” Slowly his finger moved to the softness of Gawari’s underboob

“I assume we can make it 3 out of 5” and with his nails he drew 3 and slash then 5 on Gawari’s underboob, slowly moving up to the base of her nipple. Gawari blushed, remained immovable, maintaining her gaze on floor and acted frightened. The Professor was impressed

“Lets move on to the next question, hmm umm what can we do here” as he mused on the second question his thumb and index finger pulled Gawari’s nipple
“Ah Ah Ma, how knotty your writing is, how big each letter is, Ahhh” moaned the professor as he continued pinching her pink nipple.
Gawari had to play her role of sheer innocence.
“Sir please,  that’s not my hand you are pinching sir, what are you doing sir.”
“What do you mean” hollered the professor as he pushed his knuckles under her boob. Gawari let out a scream of pleasant pain.
“Sir please, please don’t punish me sir.”
“Come come sit on my lap, I care for you, we’ll get it done faster” with that the Professor pulled Gawari by her boobs on his laps, lifted up her blouse revealing her long pink nipples, he rubbed her right nipple with the tip of his tongue, then held it between his yellow teeth and sucked on, with his left hand he kneaded her left breast.

The sight of Gawari’s young buttery soft huge round boobs with long pink perk nipples and her act of non-willingness to participate in some game she had never played before arose the Professor more, he had orgasms at the frequency of one every 7 minutes.

He took Gawari’s hand and placed it on his wet trouser on top of the bulge.

“Touch it there, that’s right, you are so fragile and so virtuous, come on apply more strength, more, yes more”
“Sir please sir, you’ll get hurt sir”
“Haha haha, you are so innocent Gawari, why dont you kiss me where you hurt me, come on get down on your knees” the professor unzipped his fly as Gawari got down on her knees. He got hold of Jasmine flowers and Gawari’s braid and pushed her mouth on his penis.
“Take it Gawari, you have to accept the Prasadam to get better marks” his penis was small, erect and was already spurting juices
“Come Gawari this is your ice cream from now on, please come in whenever you one, come lick it, take it inside your mouth. Its not easy to gain education Gawari, this is a very important lesson. Come lick it more”
Gawari engulfed his penis and with her tongue drew 5 and slash then 5 on the tip of his penis. The professor moaned and cummed “Ahh, Ahh my virgin, Ahhhh come, come now you have much more to learn”

The door squeaked open and to the Telugu Professor and Gawari’s horror the history professor stepped in and stopped dead in his tracks.

“She needs to be educated Garu” grinned the Professor.
The history professor watched Gawari’s huge round perk half exposed breasts, her wet mouth, the penis in her hand and the still under wraps bountiful booty. He came from Gawari’s behind, untied her petticoat, pulled it down along with the white saree with golden borders, with both his hands he clasped onto her hanging jugs and entered Gawari, from behind.
“Gawari moaned in surprise and the unknown pleasure” her hands clasping onto the tiny penis of the Telegu professor. The Telegu professor clapped and laughed innocently, incessantly.
“Full marks, Full marks” he chanted non-stop.
Then with his penis he poked her vagina but before he could enter his penis lost its vigour once again and just spat cum.
“Virgins should remain virgin, isnt it Garu” observed the Professor
“Yes Ahh, sure Ah, why not Ah, ofcourse Ahhh” commented the history professor in between his breaths while pounding Gawari from behind, his Ahhs in perfect synchrony with Gawari’s Ahhahhs.
“But I should teach you the feeling” The Professor rubbed Gawari’s labia with increasing frequency and vigour.
Gawari rolled her eyes
“Sir please sir, please, please”
The Telegu professor squeezed Gawari’s boobs together and started sucking on to both together, bitting her nipples together.
By the end of  17th second three of them orgasmed together , moaned together, moved their bodies back and forth in the same rhythm.

“Its getting late for my next class and today Principal has some class announcement to make” uttered the History Professor with regret  “I have to go”
“Gawari you too should be in your class now”
“Yes sir, I’ll follow everything you ask of me sir. That’s my duty sir” muttered Gawari in the retarded voice hiding her eyes behind her lowered eyelids

“Gawari don’t forget you have to study regularly, you have to be here every Tuesday after the classes, only then will you improve” the Professor spoke
“Yes sir, sure sir.”

By the end of the orgy Gawari had managed to crush 170 ants and one bumble bee while walking out of the cubicle. Gawari was happy but not satisfied.


Gawari Fadina -The Incest


As Gawari Fadina stood in front of the mirror engrossed admiring her cherry nipples the door bell rang. Gawari suddenly aware of her nakedness rushed to cover herself. Gawari’s brother was at door back to his home for vacations. Gawari dressed herself and welcomed her brother almost after 6 months since he last visited during his half-yearly holidays. Something inside Gawari’s stomach churned. Her brother always was a stranger to her and now he was a half-grown strange man. Gawari Fadina’s brother and elder sister came back to home when their schools were closed for vacations.

Gawari’s brother pinched her cheeks and hugged her ‘You have grown little sister’. The touch of his hands, the sound of his broken voice and oh how her breasts squeezed against his chest made her moan in a strange way. Gawari almost fainted but regained her composure ‘You too have grown Babi. Why should I be left behind?’ chuckled Gawari. Gawari’s gaze forced itself to his manhood, her eyes turned a strange shade of Grey which didn’t go unnoticed by Fakshmi.

Escapades of Gawari Fadina- The begining



In a society obsessed with fair skinned women Gawari Fadina was blessed. When Gawari Fadina was born her Ma thanked all the Goddess for sending her the perfect traditional whore she can now raise.

In her happiness Fakshmi stroked Gawari’s hair , there there you must not cry, when you cry your eyes turn a strange shade of grey, I was born dark as coal and could only entice a handful of masons and cooks. But you my love are the sunshine at night, I’ll teach you the tricks my dear; All the tricks of the trade I have learnt and you will shine, you dont even have to try very hard Gawari. Men will just fall on your feet like ripe mangoes in a violent storm.

Fakshmi reminded Gawari every morning, noon and night least Gawari forgets even for a moment that no one across 500 miles was born with such light brown skin. Gawari you are a boon not only to your starved family but to your entire community. And Fakshmi repeated it whenever Gawari’s eyes had a slight tinge of grey in them.

Gawari’s dad had sex with his wife five times a day. That was his way of assuring his wife that even though she was dark as the darkest night she was still very attractive to him. But copulating five times a day took its toll and the poor man couldn’t manage his business. Fakshmi intensified her encounters with strange men to cater for her family.
And slowly as time flew Gawari’s dad stayed at home to assure his wife.

Gawari had a brother and sister both older than her but they didnt have the same color of skin like her. Fakshmi neglected them both, she sent the elder daughter to her aunt’s and the son to her siter’s.

Fakshmi was rejected by many before being married to a good looking fair skinned Man after her Father paid that lazy man all dowry that he desired. And it was Fakshmi’s revenge against entire mankind to raise Gawari to be the ultimate Whore who one and all will desire, Gawari was her mother’s salvation.

As Gawari Fadina reached puberty her boobs expanded like helium Balloons, she stood infront of the mirror stark naked and as she admired her bosom she pondered upon what not men would do to touch and squeeze those huge soft mounds, to lick and suck her cherry ripe nipples, to twist  and turn them.