Gawari Fadina -The Incest


As Gawari Fadina stood in front of the mirror engrossed admiring her cherry nipples the door bell rang. Gawari suddenly aware of her nakedness rushed to cover herself. Gawari’s brother was at door back to his home for vacations. Gawari dressed herself and welcomed her brother almost after 6 months since he last visited during his half-yearly holidays. Something inside Gawari’s stomach churned. Her brother always was a stranger to her and now he was a half-grown strange man. Gawari Fadina’s brother and elder sister came back to home when their schools were closed for vacations.

Gawari’s brother pinched her cheeks and hugged her ‘You have grown little sister’. The touch of his hands, the sound of his broken voice and oh how her breasts squeezed against his chest made her moan in a strange way. Gawari almost fainted but regained her composure ‘You too have grown Babi. Why should I be left behind?’ chuckled Gawari. Gawari’s gaze forced itself to his manhood, her eyes turned a strange shade of Grey which didn’t go unnoticed by Fakshmi.